Music Videos

North Hollywood (is north of Hollywood) from In Radio Contact

I spent my first years in Los Angeles in North Hollywood at Alley Rehearsal, before it was NoHo.

The rents were cheap and the livin' was easy.  By they way, that's Dave on his front porch.

Drinkin' & Drivin' from In Radio Contact

I've seen everything that's good and bad about alcohol. For my part I was inspired by Jabba the Hutt from Return of the Jedi.  My friend John Hoke, besides producing the album came up with the fantastic vocal fade   and Greg Jogenson was the prankster who produced the video stock.

Dear Dr. Laura from Alden's Rough Demo Library

Dr. Laura Schlessinger​ is a talk radio advise host.  This song is not on any album yet.  I want to thank Art, Tom and the other Tom for their involvement.  This was recorded at the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp several years ago. Scottsdale is very cool in the summer with these guys.

Alden's five minutes of fame on the Jay Thomas Show Sirius XM

Doo-Dah Parade Held yearly in Pasadena California.  The great Steve Bruen is playing guitar.

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